Zola Brow Tint, sashet 5 ml

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Eyebrow dye Zola Brow Tint in sashet

ZOLA dye is a new word in the world of eyebrow dyes. Eyebrow dye Ash is a permanent dye that gives a gentle result due to the soft alkali of the new generation DMAMP ULTRA PC. The tint gives a bright juicy imprint on the skin when stained.

  • Incredibly rich tint composition, which includes hydrolyzed collagen, lanolin, sorbitol.
  • Unique lamellar dye structure.
  • A new technology in cosmetic chemistry gives the texture of the dye the most similar to the skin and its layers.
  • A wide palette of versatile shades that can be mixed to create unique colors

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Zola dye palette

A universal shade for blondes and light blond women, it does not darken the hair and has a unique color scheme – on warm women, it lies warmer, and on cold women, a colder shade.

Ideal for red and warm brown-haired women, it has a rich copper-brown hue.

A versatile brown shade that adheres tightly to the skin and is suitable for anyone who needs a neutral brown shade: from dark blond to brown hair, brunettes and redheads.

Neutral dark brown shade, has a neutral base, suitable for brunettes, brown-haired women and dark blond.

Cool graphite dark shade with a blue undertone, more often used as a color corrector. When added to brown, dark brown, light brown – you get colder shades.


How to use: Mix the dye with an oxidizing agent (1:1) in a non-metallic container. Apply the mixture evenly on the eyebrows, being careful not to go beyond their contour. Holding time up to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water using a cotton swab.


In set: 1 sachet of dye, 1 sachet of oxidizer
Volume: 5 ml


01 Light Brown, 02 Warm Brown, 03 Brown, 04 Dark Brown, 05 Graphite



1 review for Zola Brow Tint, sashet 5 ml

  1. Iryna

    I used to work on Levissime until I tried this one and I truly like how it works! It’s co nice that the tint is already with the color that you don’t need to wait until it will make reaction with oxidant. Love it!

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