Anesthesia film 4.2cm*200m


Cosmetic film for fixing surface anesthesia is an indispensable auxiliary material for tattooing and microblading procedures.

Necessary in order to provide a thermal effect and eliminate the reaction of the anesthetic with oxygen.
It is more convenient to use than cling film, which is often used by cosmetologists and tattoo artists: a special cutter container is included in the kit, which makes it easy to cut the right amount of film.
The width of the film is ideal for cosmetic procedures.


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The master of permanent makeup faces surface anesthesia every day. It is known that for the best action of the anesthetic, a sealed film is used. It blocks the access of oxygen, activates the anesthetic drug.

Just apply it over the place where the anesthetic was applied, and the drug will begin to work. Now you do not need to tear off a piece from a large roll of cling film. This is inconvenient and not aesthetically pleasing. A convenient container with a built-in cutter will allow you to quickly and easily cut the required amount of film.


Size: 42mm x200m


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