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AntuOne Eyebrow dye with aloe vera, 15 ml


AntuOne Eyebrow paint with aloe vera

AntuOne dye, a semi-permanent dye, developed taking into account the wishes and experience of leading masters. It is ideal for professional use and guarantees impeccable results.

The paint has a comfortable, soft consistency, is easy to mix and apply, which makes the painting process quick and comfortable.

The secret of AntuOne — This is a unique formula enriched with care. elements, as well as aloe vera. This component provides hydration, making eyebrows soft, shiny and healthy.

A wide range of shades will allow you to choose the ideal solution for everyone, emphasizing their beauty and uniqueness. After all, this particular paint was created for craftsmen who value the individuality of each client and know how to emphasize her uniqueness and features.

Paint color palettefor eyebrows Eyebrow paint with aloe vera:

  1. Golden Blond (РГО: 7) – Soft golden with neutral undertones. Suitable for blondes, light brown, warm brown and cold brown. It has the ability to adapt to skin color: when it’s cold it opens up cold, when it’s warm it turns out warm
  2. Medium Brown (RGT: 6.5-6) – Rich, but not dark, soft, velvety brown with a warm undertone.  This shade is intended for people with dark hair, light brown, brown hair, as well as for those who have a deep shade of neutral-warm hair.
  3. Dark Brown (RGT: 5) – The most saturated shade of brown in the palette. It can be described as a deep dark light brown color. Ideal for dark shades: brunettes, brown-haired and dark blond.
  4. Black(RGT: less than 5) – This is a deep, rich color with a neutral undertone. Perfect for girls with dark hair – brunettes and brown-haired women.
  5. Chestnut(RGT: 7-6.5) –  This is a natural, warm brown shade that has nuances in color, similar to a chestnut shade (brown-copper, closer to red) .  This shade is simply created for girls with warm-toned hair, the depth of which is 7 or higher. Also suitable for girls with hair color level 6 and above (from dark to light blonde) if they have a warm undertone.
  6. Mahogany(RGT: 7) – This is our unique shade, which has a noble, enhanced red note. It will highlight the appearance of girls with warm hair tones, such as chestnut, golden blonde, red or copper.


Shelf life: 36 months;

Shelf life after opening: 3 months;


Volume: 15 ml.

AntuOne Eyebrow

Black, Chestnut, Dark Brown, Golden Blond, Mahogany – Red-Copper, Medium Brown


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