AntuOne Eyebrow wax, Brow Epil Wax, 80 g


White eyebrow wax from AntuOne 80g

AntuOne Brow Epil Wax is a medium-density wax with high plasticity, which allows it to perfectly grip every hair. Thanks to its special formula, the wax does not create a “spider web” effect. when applied, it also has a pleasant smell and does not irritate the skin.

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Ease and Efficiency of Use Brow Epil Wax

The wax is applied easily, in a thin layer, ensuring hair removal the first time in some areas, which significantly reduces product consumption. When the wax hardens, it forms a film that can be easily removed in one motion, quickly and painlessly removing hair from the root.

The wax hardening time is about 9-13 seconds, which makes the hair removal process quick and convenient. If the wax still sticks to your fingers, give it a few more seconds to harden before removing.

Method of Application Brow Epil Wax by AntuOne

  1. Wax preparation: Heat the wax to 40-42 degrees.
  2. Skin preparation:Wipe the skin with an alcohol solution.
  3. Applying wax: Using a spatula, apply the wax in a thin, even layer. Leave a small “petal” wax that will not stick to the skin for easy removal.
  4. Drying:Wait 9-13 seconds until the wax completely hardens.
  5. Removing wax: Remove wax with sharp movements, pulling the skin in the opposite direction. Repeat the procedure on the next section.

Comfort and Safety

The wax does not cause irritation or redness on the skin, ensuring comfortable use. Always follow the manufacturer’s temperature recommendations for maximum effectiveness and safety when working with wax.

Weight: 80 g.




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