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Elan Eyelash Care Concentrate LashPlex 2.0, 10 ml


LashPlex Elan Eyelash Concentrate 2.0

Professional eyelash care concentrate is an updated version of “LashPLEX”. Contains PRODEW® 500 concentrate, a natural moisturizing factor with a unique complex of amino acids.

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Features of “LashPLEX 2.0”:

  • minimizes damage to the hairs, as well as ensures their deep nutrition and sealing of the cuticle after the eyelash lamination procedure is completed;
  • moisturizes and prevents the occurrence of dryness, and also reduces peeling of the skin;
  • restores the hair structure and eliminates microdamages;
  • increases the elasticity of eyelashes, increases their resistance to damage.

The concentrate is recommended for professional use by beauty specialists, as well as for daily eyelash care.
Professional concentrate “LashPLEX 2.0”, thanks to the active components included in its composition, provides high-quality eyelash care. That is why the tool is recommended for both professional and daily home care. Thanks to the regular use of “LashPLEX 2.0”, the hair structure is restored, the eyelashes become healthier and more well-groomed.


Features of the “LashPLEX 2.0” composition:

  • PRODEW® 500 is a patented natural moisturizing factor (NPF) with a unique complex of 20 amino acids. NSF protects follicles from oxidative stress, restores the protein structure of eyelashes, and also eliminates microdamages and provides high-quality hair hydration.
  • The patented complex based on 8 amino acids (serine, glycine, glutamic acid, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline) in combination with betaine and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid salt is a highly effective moisturizing component based on natural moisturizing ingredients.
  • A complex based on protein, hydrolyzed keratin and panthenol envelops each hair, making eyelashes denser, shiny, elastic. Contributes to the preservation of the shape of the eyelash curl after the lamination procedure. This complex also performs a protective function.


How to use:

-For professional use:  apply the concentrate after finishing the lash lamination procedure as a maintenance.
-For home use:  Use the concentrate daily to hydrate, soften and improve the appearance of skin and eyelashes.

Important: the concentrate involves daily use for 1-2 months to obtain visible results of eyelash restoration.

Expiration date: 24 months.

Shelf life after opening: 6 months.

Volume: 10 ml




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