ELAN Flash Tint 10 ml


ELAN FLASH TINT occlusive eyebrow and eyelash tinting system

Innovative occlusive eyebrow and eyelash tinting system “FLASH TINT” in a convenient format, ready to use (does not require separate mixing with oxidizer). Due to the unique chemical composition, depending on the individual characteristics of the client, his eyelashes and eyebrow hairs are dyed in 1-15 minutes.

“FLASH TINT” contains a unique care complex that moisturizes the hair and does not overdry the skin. The dye has a natural hydrogen index (pH), which is preserved throughout the tinting procedure.

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Elan Flash Tint color palette

  • 08 Black;
  • 09 Warm Brown;
  • 10 Cold Brown;
  • 11 Light Brown.

*Color 09 Warm Brown, 10 Cold Brown, 11 Light Brown have a pure bright color. To obtain muted brown shades as a result of eyebrow coloring, add the necessary amount of tint in the color 08 Black to these colors.


Elan Flash Tint eyebrow dye has a unique composition that has no analogues.

The dye does not contain paraphenylenediamine, ammonia, ethanolamine and their substitutes. The dye has an instant effect and provides stable coloring. It has a pleasant aroma.

Depending on the type of skin and the structure of the hairs, FLASH TINT dye provides stable coloring of the skin Рup to 10 days, hairs Рup to 14 days.


The care complex of active components provides hair hydration and nourishment:

  • arginine;
  • molecules of hydrolyzed collagen;
  • a complex of oils and extracts of jojoba, blueberry, soybean seeds, sesame and grape seed.

“FLASH TINT” is the first dye for eyebrows and eyelashes with a natural pH level that remains unchanged during the dyeing procedure.

Volume: 10 ml

ELAN Flash Tint



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