Etacept for hand and skin disinfection, 250 ml


Spray Etacept for disinfection 250 ml

Disinfector Etasept – a preparation in the form of a spray that allows you to perform high-quality hygienic treatment of hands and epidermal integuments, is also suitable for spraying on mucous membranes. The product has a safe composition with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity, does not cause burning after application, does not contain aromatic additives, dyes, and has no age restrictions for use. It is characterized by prolonged effectiveness for three hours after use, including under medical gloves.

Etasept is suitable for the treatment of small cuts, wounds, disinfection of mucous membranes. It has wound healing properties.

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How to apply:

  • for the purpose of hygienic treatment of hands, apply 3 ml of disinfectant and rub for 30 seconds;
  • to treat the skin and mucous membranes, perform uniform and thorough moisturizing with a disinfectant for 15 seconds;
  • in order to quickly disinfect surfaces, medical devices, tools, apply a disinfectant at the rate of 20 ml per 1 sq. m for 30 seconds.

Volume: 250 ml


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