Glue remover LASH SECRET, 250 ml


Help curlers with Glue Removal Cleansing Lotion.

The eternal pain of the master after the end of the procedure, where to put the curlers? How easy is it to remove glue and paint?
Lash Secret Glue Removal Helper Concentrate + Cleaning box = Helpers will store, clean and disinfect curlers after each client

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Helpers LashSecret will help save the tool in the work of the lamiemaker. And they will also help save your money and the need to buy new curlers!
Concentrate for cleaning tools and curlers from glue for lamination. In addition to cleansing properties, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and is able to overcome up to 99.6% of microbes.
It is presented in the form of a concentrate that requires dilution with water. Contains only soft safe substances that do not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. The product has a pleasant fresh and tonic mint aroma.


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