Lash Trend Assistant for eyelash extension procedure, Lash Assistant


LASH TREND Lash Assistant, 1 pc.

Lash Assistant is formulated with medical-grade silicone for use at every stage of eyelash extension, including:

  • when removing eyelashes with a remover from a previous extension, it is now not necessary to isolate the lower eyelashes with a patch and put a wooden spatula
  • when cleansing with a foam, it prevents the foam/micellar water from flowing into the eyes
  • when degreasing the eyelashes, it will ensure a safer and more effective application of the drug

The universal shape is suitable for all eye types, and the ergonomic shape keeps the Lash Assistant in one position. You will appreciate the functionality of this “assistant” from the first use, we recommend buying several at once to speed up your work, 1 piece is included in the set!

Cleaning and disinfection as with ordinary rollers, because Lash Assistant is made of medical silicone.

Lash Assistant

Greenish-pink, Pink, Transparent


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