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OKO Eyelash and Brow Lamination Set


Compositions set for eyelashes Lamination and long-lasting styling of eyebrows OKO

Certified by the European Commission CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal)

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OKO STEP 1 LIFT is the first stage of eyelash lamination or long-term eyebrow styling. The composition has an alkaline environment and is responsible for the destruction of disulfide bonds. The tool loosens the hair structure, so that the active components of the drug easily penetrate inside.

Can be used with or without foil.

One sachet of product No. 1 is enough for 4-5 eyelash lamination procedures or 3-4 procedures for long-term eyebrow styling. Due to its dense consistency, the product is very economical.

OKO STEP 2 FIX&VOLUME is the second stage of eyelash lamination or long-term eyebrow styling. The composition has an acidic environment. Means No. 2 neutralizes the action of the first composition, restores disulfate bonds, the hair on the eyes becomes stronger and more elastic, fixes the desired shape. The tool has a texture that is convenient for work, allowing you to lay out both lying and sitting.

One sachet of product No. 2 is enough for 5-6 lamination procedures and 4-5 procedures for long-term eyebrow styling.

OKO STEP 3 CARE&RECOVERY is the final stage of lamination of eyelashes or eyebrows, its task is to smooth the cuticular layer and give the hairs a healthy shine. This is an important stage in the restoration of eyelashes and eyebrows.

OKO recovery&care is presented in the form of the so-called BOTOX, this is the most enhanced and innovative care formula that maximally nourishes the eyelash, cares for the hair and skin, smoothes the hair, gives a natural shine, has a fine molecular weight, which allows it to penetrate into the structure to improve the quality of the hair, but while not weighing it down, it normalizes pH. Contains vitamin B5

The tool has a double effect, in addition to its main task, it fully replaces the additional stage of Botox. After the procedure, additional care is no longer required, this saves time.

One sachet of composition No. 3 is enough for 9-10 procedures


Made in Italy

Volume: 3 sachets of 1 ml

Holding time for laminating eyelashes and eyebrows


Composition Hold time
Composition No. 1 OKO LIFT fine hair 6-8 minutes
normal hair 9-11 minutes
dense, thick hair 12-13 minutes
Composition No. 2 OKO FIX fine hair 5-7 minutes
normal hair 8-10 minutes
dense, thick hair 11-12 minutes
Composition No. 3 OKO CARE Completely replaces 2 stages (Botox + 3 stages).
Does not require rinsing


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