Sachet BOTOX Vitamin & Keratin OKIS BROW 1 ml


Eyebrows and eyelashes have lost elasticity, become brittle and need renovation?
The solution is right in front of you!
Botox for eyebrows and eyelashes softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hairs, helps to restore and improve the hair structure, its growth, thickness and density. The tool protects eyebrows and eyelashes from the harmful effects of the environment, saturates them with useful ingredients, vitamins A, E and F, gives them shine and silkiness.

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Main qualities:
  • prevents brittleness;
  • stimulates growth;
  • softens hairs;
  • prevents the appearance of gray hair;
  • strengthens and restores;
  • prolongs the coloring effect;
  • preserves brightness and color stability;
  • facilitates easy laying
And all this in one tool!
Active components:
  • Vitamins AE F- saturate the skin and hairs, promote healing of damaged areas
  • Collagen is a source of restoration, rejuvenation, nutrition and hydration, helps to preserve the structure, elasticity and stability of hair and skin;
  • Keratin is a powerful protein for improving hair structure due to hydrolyzation;
  • Polyquaternium-10 and Dimethiconol condition the hair, provide an antistatic effect, soften the skin and hair, giving them shine and silkiness.
  • Cyclopentasiloxane is a fluid that guarantees protection against the harmful effects of the environment, gives hair and skin velvety and smoothness.
How and when to use?
Recommendations for use: the product can be used both as a separate procedure for renovating and improving the condition of eyebrow hairs and eyelashes for 10 minutes (for weak, dry, damaged by poor-quality procedures and drugs, after a lightening procedure, etc.), and as additional care during coloring and/or lamination, because the composition helps to prolong the durability of coloring, prevents the washing out of the pigment and facilitates the laying of hairs.
In the eyelash lamination procedure, you can use OKIS BROW BOTOX Vitamin&Keratin with paint to speed up the process (paint with oxidizing agent + 20% OKIS BROW BOTOX Vitamin&Keratin should be made up of the entire mixture). Apply along the entire length of the eyelashes and leave for 10 minutes. We clean the eyelashes from OKIS BROW BOTOX Vitamin&Keratin with a wet stick and apply Aloe Concentrate.
In the eyebrow lamination procedure  , after the 2 Fix OKIS BROW BROW LAMI product, apply OKIS BROW BOTOX Vitamin&Keratin to the eyebrows and wait from 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the damage and hair thickness. We clean the eyebrows from OKIS BROW BOTOX Vitamin&Keratin with a wet disk and apply Aloe Concentrate.
The effect of the procedure lasts for about 30 days and has a cumulative effect.
The tool is suitable for absolutely everyone. It has no contraindications and is absolutely safe. Significantly accelerates the process of restoring eyebrows and eyelashes, allowing you to return to their original appearance.
Volume: 1 ml.




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