Sculptor Lash Eyebrow dye, 15 ml


Gel-paint for eyebrows Sculptor Lash

Sculptor gel color provides gentle and long-lasting eyebrow coloring for up to 6 weeks.

Sculptor paint tints both the skin and hairs, affecting them very gently. The dye contains amino acids, protein and silk hydrolysates, D-panthenol and other care components. The intensity of the shade is regulated by the number of application layers and the dye exposure time.

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Palette of shades of eyebrow paint Sculptor :

  • Light brown (This light brown shade is perfect suitable for those who prefer a natural and delicate look. It adds warmth and brightness, making the eyebrows more expressive.)
  • Warm brown (Warm brown shade provides a more saturated and deep color. It is ideal for those who want to give their eyebrows a brighter, fuller look.)
  • Dark brown (Dark brown shade creates a more dramatic and intense image. It is ideal for those who want to make their eyebrows more visible and expressive.)
  • Graphite (Graphite shade offers a unique and modern option for tinting eyebrows. It adds depth and contrast, making eyebrows more prominent and stylish.)

Method of use for Sculptor Lash gel-paint for eyebrow coloring

Clean eyebrows thoroughly;
For more uniform coloring, exfoliate using a gommage scrub;
Apply the product to the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth, then walk with light stretching movements along the eyebrow growth line;
Remove product residues using a damp cotton pad;
Moisturize with an eyebrow mask;
Apply the mask in a medium layer for  2-5 minutes (1-2 minutes – oily skin,  3-4 minutes– normal or combination,  5 minutes– dry skin);
Remove the remaining mask with a damp cotton pad and wait until the hair and skin are completely dry;
Mark and correct eyebrows in any convenient way;
Determine the proportions of mixing shades, then mix the dye together with oxidizing agent SCULPTOR in a 1:1 ratio;
Wait 1-2 minutes until the mixture oxidizes and begin applying the dye to the eyebrows;
First apply a thin layer of dye to the skin of the eyebrows, then apply a second layer to the hairs;
Important! Do not apply too thick a layer of dye to the eyebrows: this may cause the mixture to drip, which will lead to an unclear bottom line;
Maximum dye exposure time: 15 minutes. Exposure time is selected depending on the desired result;
Remove product from eyebrows until cotton pad is clean;
Wait until your eyebrows are dry and then apply the concentrate to them. Sculptor Concentrate Shikon Power. This will help restore the eyebrows and fix the dye. The concentrate can be purchased in an ampoule or full-size version.

Shelf life when unopened: 24 months.
Volume:  15 ml


Dark Brown – Dark brown, Graphite – Graphite, Light Brown – Light brown, Warm Brown – Warm brown


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