Sustaine Blue Gel Liquid anesthetic, 34 ml

Anesthetic Sustaine Blue Gel

Sustaine Blue Gel is the best anesthetic for tattooing and permanent makeup to date.

Sustaine is a powerful analgesic, reduces sensitivity, reduces bleeding, is suitable for all skin types in procedures associated with increased skin injuries. This gel is odorless and does not cause the burning sensation often associated with other anesthetics.

Sustaine Blue Gel & ndash; well-established secondary anesthesia for tattooing and microblading, which significantly enhances and prolongs the effects of primary anesthesia. In addition to the analgesic effect, Sustain has a hemostatic and anti-edematous effect, as well as prevents hematomas in the area of ​​the procedure, even in the most sensitive areas.

Ingredients: 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine for pain relief, 0.002% adrenaline to reduce swelling, hematomas and bleeding.

Volume: 34 ml


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