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Tashnik Hemostatic agent, 50 ml


Remedy for relieving swelling, redness and stopping bleeding from Tashnik

Ensure reliable protection¬†and efficiency in processing¬†with “Hemostatic” from Tashnik.

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Why “Hemostatic” should be in every home?

  1. For the home first aid kit: “Hemostatic” is an indispensable assistant for providing first aid for cuts and other minor injuries. It quickly stops bleeding and relieves inflammation, making it an ideal choice for any home medicine cabinet. Regardless of whether you had a small cut in the kitchen or your child got a scratch on the street, “Hemostatic” will help you deal with the problem quickly and effectively.
  2. For emergency situations: In critical moments, when you urgently need to stop bleeding, “Hemostatic” comes to the rescue, providing a quick and effective response. In unexpected situations, such as injuries during outdoor activities or minor accidents, having such a product on hand can make a difference in preventing complications.
  3. For Health and Recovery: This remedy not only stops bleeding, but also promotes natural wound healing, reducing the risk of infection and speeding up the recovery process. “Hemostatic” helps your body return to normal faster, which makes it indispensable for active people who play sports or lead an active lifestyle.
  4. For emergency preparedness: “Hemostatic” must be kept in your home medicine cabinet for those cases when every second is important. A quick response to injuries can save health and life, and “Hemostatic” will provide you with this opportunity. Be prepared for any surprises by having an effective means to stop bleeding in your arsenal.


Shelf life after opening: 6 months


Volume: 50 ml




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