Thuya Vegan Permanent Gel, 15 ml


Thuya Vegan permanent gel for eyelash lamination and long-term eyebrow styling

Thuya Vegan Line is a new line of vegan eyebrow and eyelash lamination compositions that do not contain animal ingredients, only a plant-based alternative!

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Permanent Gel Vegan –  Softens and opens the hair cuticle at the first stage of lamination. Destroys disulfide bonds in the hair for further fixation in the next stage.

Important! The permanent gel has a specific pungent odor, which is normal and occurs due to chemical processes during the procedure.

pH: 9.1


Thuya Vegan Line compositions are intended for use on coarse, dense hairs and hairs of medium thickness and density. Not intended for use on fine, light or weakened hairs


Exposure time: hard dense hairs – 12-15 minutes; medium density hairs – 6-12 minutes.


Shelf life after opening: 12 months


Volume: 15 ml




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