Zola Base for eyebrow coloring with collagen, 07 Tint Mixer, 15 ml


Eyebrow dye from Zola Tint Mixer 07

TINT MIXER 07 – a new dye that expands the capabilities of your standard eyebrow tinting kit.

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Features Zola Tint Mixer 07:

  1. Immaculate color control: in combination with your favorite colors, allows you to balance and adjust shades and their saturation on hair and skin.
  2. Professional-grade formula: Created for craftsmen, TINT MIXER 07 is designed for precise color control without disrupting the structure of the paint mixture.
  3. Improved protection: Enriched with collagen and lanolin, the product provides additional protection to hair during coloring, providing effective care.

Mix paints from ZOLA with TINT MIXER 07 to create a unique shade palette that suits your preferences and the wishes of your client. With TINT MIXER everything is possible – from natural effects to dramatic transformations! The correct shape of the eyebrows helps make every girl’s facial features clearer and more pronounced, and this can be achieved through the procedure of tinting them. So that you can admire the beautiful result for a long time, the experts use professional eyebrow dye of a suitable shade.


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Vikoristuvati z  Zola Eyebrow dye

Volume: 15 ml


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