Zola compensators for lamination of eyelashes Compensators For Lamination of Eyelashes


Compensators for laminating eyelashes – improve your technique with beauty tools from Zola!

Features of the series:
• 4 bright colors to transform the lamination process into art – pink, purple, orange and yellow;
• 2 special shades – collaboration with Anna Romashenko and compensators in a stylish yellow-blue design;
• High-quality durable materials;
• Designed for professional use.


Unique advantages:
• A form designed specifically for Zola;
• “Instagram” design to create your best content;
• Thin, high-quality silicone and ergonomic shape contribute to reliable fixation of eyelashes during the lamination procedure, which guarantees professional and long-lasting results, thanks to the convenience of the procedure.

Lamination of eyelashes is currently quite a popular procedure, which not only makes eyelashes more beautiful from the outside, but also takes care of hairs from the inside. In order for this procedure to be safe and effective, in its process it is necessary to use professional and high-quality materials for laminating eyelashes – special compounds, glue, and so on.

Zola compensators

Orange, Rose, Violet, Yellow, Yellow-blue


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