Zola Eyebrow decolorant powder DE:CO Powder, 10 g


De:co Blond Powder ZOLA Powder for lightening and bleaching eyebrows

DE:CO Powder is a professional 2in1 decolorant powder, which is designed to lighten eyebrows and safely remove artificial pigment accumulated in eyebrow hairs.

When mixed with an oxidizing agent (1.8 or 3%), it forms a homogeneous creamy consistency that is easily distributed over the hairs and does not spread.

De:co powder has a delicate effect, evenly and gently lightens both natural hairs and removes excess artificial pigment in the hairs. The milk protein included in the composition protects the hair structure during lightening or removal of artificial pigment.


Product for professional use only!

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Purpose: Eyebrow Lightening, Depigmentation


Mode of application:

In a non-metallic container, mix powder and ZOLA oxidizing agent in the required proportion (see table). Apply the mixture to your eyebrows and leave for 2-20 minutes, depending on the intended result. After the exposure time is up, wash off the residue with eyebrow shampoo. If necessary, carry out further painting with paint.


Volume: 10 g


Exposure time DE:CO Powder ZOLA
Desired level of tone lightening/artificial pigment removal
1 UGT 2-3 UGT
Oxidizer % 1.8% 1.8% 3% 3%
Hair type lit. depigment. lit. depigment.
Thin/weak/after chemical treatment. processing 2-3 min 3-5 min 5-7 min 7-10 min
Natural/normal 3-5 min 5-7 min 7-10 min 10-13 min
Hard/dark/raw 5-7 min 7-10 min 10-13 min 15-20 min


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