ZOLA Henna for eyebrows, 5 gr


Henna for eyebrows Zola Henna, bottle of 5 g

Professional henna for eyebrows Zola Henna is intended for persistent coloring of eyebrows.

Advantages of Zola henna:

  • Rich colors from 6 basic running colors and 4 color correctors give the chance to create unique, unique shades
  • The composition includes a caring complex of amla (a natural source of vitamin C), shikakai and tartaric acid, which strengthen and moisturize hair
  • Easy to use and has a predictable result after the eyebrow coloring procedure.
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Colors of Zola Henna henna:

01 blonde (corrector) – color concealer to give a light shade on the skin for light girls is ideal in combination with taupe brown, light brown, brown

02 light brown – the main color for lovers of blonde hair and light skin tone, suitable for blondes and light blonde girls.

03 taupe brown – light brown with a cool undertone, leaves a bright mark on the skin. Ideal for blonde girls.

04 caramel – the main color to give a warm shade to the skin and hair, suitable for warm girls.

05 brown – gives a rich shade on the skin, has a neutral undertone, a universal color that effectively combines with each color in the collection.

06 dark brown – suitable for dark girls who prefer bright clear eyebrows.

07 ebony brown – the darkest shade in the basic collection of flowers. Suitable for bright girls, brunettes, brown hair.

08 black (corrector) – color concealer to give a darker shade to hair and color on the skin. Can be combined with the colors of the brown line.

09 red (corrector) – warm color concealer to give a warmer shade on the skin, suitable for red-haired girls with a warm undertone. Can be combined with the brown line.

10 yellow (corrector) – color concealer to give a warmer shade on the skin of blonde girls. goes well with the brown color line.


How to use:

Dilute henna with water in a ratio of 1: 1 to the consistency of soy sauce. Depending on the consistency of henna will be brighter or paler, the thicker the consistency, the brighter the result

ZOLA Henna for eyebrows

02 – Light Brown, 03 – Toupe Brown, 04 – Caramel, 05-Brown, 06 – Dark Brown, 07 – Ebony Brown


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