Elan Deep Brow Tint 2.0(10 ml)


Elan Deep Brow Tint 2.0 is a key component of the signature SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM. This tint enables intense tinting of the hairs and provides additional care during the procedure.
Deep Brow Tint 2.0 is designed to be used exclusively with Oxidizing Emulsion 2% from the same system.

Made in Turkey
Volume 10 ml

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Elan Deep Brow Tint 2.0 is designed for richly saturating hair colour.
The prepared tinting mixture has a neutral hydrogen index (pH), ensuring the tinting process doesn’t damage hair follicles or dry out the skin. It contains a complex based on sunflower seed extract, Heliogenol™, which provides additional care for the hairs.
The tint has a pleasant scent, making the procedure more comfortable.

Expiration date: 24 months.
Period after opening (PAO): 3 months.

Deep brow tint 2.0 05 spicy

04 ICY cold brown, 05 SPICY warm brown


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