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Sculptor Lash Lift Shields Set Open Look Color Mix, 4 Pairs


Set of Sculptor lash Color Mix eyelash lift shields 4 pairs

SCULPTOR’s first curlers for laminating eyelashes, which create a perfect curl along the entire length of the lash line.

Thanks to the innovative Three bends technology, which combines as many as three sections (asymmetry relative to the center),
OPEN LOOK curlers allow you to satisfy the most desired request of customers: to lift eyelashes in the outer and inner corners of the eyes without twisting the eyelashes in the center.

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  • curlers are made of hypoallergenic silicone silicone platinoco autolubrificante,
  • which is absolutely safe for health and undergoes all stages of disinfection and sterilization;
  • tightly adhere to the eyelid due to the glossy inner surface;
  • minimally absorb paint (tested on oxidants with different %);
  • have a matte surface that simplifies the application of eyelashes and saves time.


The set includes pads of sizes: S, M, L, XL




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